Improve Entrepreneurship Skills

In October 2017, in a beautiful village in the hills of France, together with Adrian Tudorache I participated in an Erasmus+ Training Course called Improve Entrepreneurship Skills.  In was organized by Association Tambour Battant, which dedicated a lot of time to prepare this project and to bring professional trainers to teach us about improvisation theater by using non formal education.

The participants for this project came from various European countries: France, Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania, Spain, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Portugal and Italy.


The project was a complete success, each of the participants learned a lot of new skills and methods that they can use in their work in the future, and I am sure all of them also learned a little bit about themselves. Improvisation theater as a tool for social entrepreneurship is very engaging and gives you a lot of flexibility to act in different situations.


Every morning we start with some energizers and team building games to help us slide into the topic of the project easily.


During this Training Course we had the opportunity to visit Strasbourg and the European Parliament and to learn more about this institution and the role it plays.




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