615701_489767107709287_1143530360_oMy name is Aurelian Grigore, I am a student and my field of study it’s tourism. I like to travel all over the world, to run, swim and bike, to be a volunteer, to take photos, to be a teacher in Rome, to watch movies, read books, climb mountains and do a lot of other things.

What I did so far?

Recently I graduated the university and took my bachelor degree in accounting at Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest. Currently I’m doing my master degree in Business and Administration in Tourism.

I was with Youth in Action program as a volunteer, in Cyprus, where we discuss about the “Role of Youth in Democracy” (this was the name of the project), and made a plan of action to increase the awareness level among the young people from Romania, Greece and Cyprus about their rights in a democratic country.

In 2011 I was in United States for 3 months to work as a lifeguard at one of the biggest Amusement park in the world. It was a really good opportunity for me to improve my English by working with people from America. I studied English at school for 12 years and I was well prepared for the job, but it was quite a challenge for me to work in a multicultural environment with people from all over the world. I liked it very much so I decided to go again in USA in 2012 for another 3 months.

During my university, I was a volunteer in ASCIG for two years where I did fundraising, planning and developing our projects, one of them was about Public Speaking, where 150 students from Bucharest universities attended the project for 5 weeks and learned how to make presentations, to communicate better with other people and overcome the fear of speaking in public. The second project was about increasing the students chance to get a good job after graduation by placing them on internships in multinational companies from Bucharest, Romania.

Last summer I went in an adventure in Indonesia with AIESEC Global Citizen program as a volunteer. I spent 7 weeks there in August and September and it was one of the best summers of my life. During the time spent there I met a lot of people, made a lot of friends, learned new things about the world and myself and open the road for my future.

My project was about discovering local culture and promote the local tourism, which was really pleasant to do. Every day I visited a new place, either a cultural place or an old temple and meet local people. We were 45 students from all over the world in this project, gather here from 23 countries. Along with the local communities of reptile, jazz, parkour or capoera we discovered a lot about indonesian culture and history. We learned how to dance on indonesian songs, play traditional music or how to plant rice in the fields.

The whole experience was a life changing adventure that set new paths for me and helped me to decide what to do with my future. It was a mix between discovering new things, making new friends and learn more about myself. Overall, an experience that made me to look forward for another one in the future.

Aurelian Grigore


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